Thursday, February 19, 2009

My instructional topic is the Revolutionary War. After a two week unit on studying the war students will go to the computer lab to complete a three- panel brochure using Publisher. The brochure will be about Revolutionary War battlefields mainly in SC and the status of them now.

Essential Question - Should the past be preserved for future generations?

Unit Question - How are Revolutionary War sites contributing to the understanding of hte American Revolution in teh twenty-first century?

Content questions
1. Why was the Revolutionary War fought?
2. Who fought in this war?
3. When was the war fought?
4. Who were some of the important people that were involved in the war?
5. Where were the major fronts in the war?
6. What were the strategies used in fighting the war?
7. How did geography, weather, or the environment contribute to outcomes of the various battles?
8. What kinds of weapons and fightign tactics were used in the fighting?
9. Locate some major battle sites using a map and Google Earth.
10. What were some major battle sites in SC and what were the results of these battles?
11. How did Francis Marion, thomas Sumter, and Andrew Pickens contribute to the war in SC?
12. How did the Back Country folks contribute to the war effort?
13. Describe what happened at the Battle of Fort Sullivan. Why ws this important?
So far I have learned how effective the format is in creating a unit. It makes sense. It does not waste time with nonessential items needed. I appreciate the time that we have to explore and then do certain parts of the project. My topic -Revolutionary War Sites, particularly in SC. My goal is to guide students to a better understanding of the importance of history around them and to make it relavent to their lives. I am getting used the idea of an essential question being the broad overall question for the unit. In the past we studied the focus or essential question as being a daily question to guide class. Even though it is different it is not that difficult to adjust.